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Neck Lift in Knoxville

The reality of getting older may help to determine a patient's desire for a neck lift in Knoxville, but age isn't the only factor that can create the appearance of a fleshy, flabby area beneath your cheeks and chin. Losing considerable weight can also create a sagging neck, which easily negates the aesthetic benefits of all that weight loss. A jowly, loose neckline can even be genetic, inherited from your parents or grandparents.

Whatever the cause, a neck lift—also known as a platysmaplasty—tightens the area under your chin to create a sleek, defined look.

Dr. Ed Breazeale performs neck lift surgeries at Tennova Surgery Center West in Knoxville. Call today to set up a consultation at 865-342-0300.

The visual results from this procedure are dramatic. People who choose a neck lift sometimes find that its aesthetic benefits are mistaken for significant weight loss.

What Does a Neck Lift Involve?

Fat that accumulates along the jaw can create sagging cheeks—or jowls—made worse by muscle laxity and the formation of hanging neck bands. The skin may also hang more than we would like, creating a "turkey neck" look.

There are a variety of anatomical issues that together create an undesirable jaw line and neck, so a neck lift involves a few different procedures. Generally, a platysmaplasty includes:

  • eliminating sagging, unneeded skin
  • tightening neck muscles
  • liposuction

Every face—and neck—is different, so every approach Dr. Breazeale takes will be unique, tailored to you and your specific anatomy and desired results.


Dr. E. Edward Breazeale, Jr., MD

Dr. Ed Breazeale, Jr., an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, works to give his patients the looks they want in a safe and professional environment. He is a trusted source for quality plastic surgery using state-of-the-art technology.

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More Options

It is possible for a person's neck to appear to age before that person's face does, creating a visual imbalance, and many times our Knoxville patients only need a neck lift, rather than a full facelift. The two procedures can be combined, however, as the pairing of a facelift and neck lift offers complete rejuvenation. Dr. Breazeale will almost always do a neck lift with a mini facelift to give the optimal result, or recommend full facelift, which includes the neck lift.

A neck lift obviously focuses on the neck area, but it is also crucial to note that even a facelift will not address drooping or sagging on the upper half of the face, around the eyes and brows. Patients seeking a change there should consider a blepharoplasty—which involves the eyelids—a brow lift, or both.

All of these surgeries can be combined, giving the recipient a fresh look from the top of the face to the bottom. A skin treatment, such as Pellevé®, can put the finishing touches on a new, healthy-looking, youthful face.

Call The Breazeale Clinic today to learn more about a neck lift alone or combined with a facelift or other procedures. Request a consultation at our Knoxville office at 865-342-0300.
Dr.E. Edward Breazeale Jr., M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 2068 Lakeside Centre Way Knoxville TN 37922 865-342-0300
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