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Introducing Pellevé® in Knoxville

Knoxville-area locals who want their skin to be smooth, tight, and refreshed—but who do not want to undergo a surgical or similarly invasive procedure—are choosing Pellevé® to provide them with a natural, youthful look.

The treatment employs radiofrequency energy to tighten collagen and stimulate collagen production beneath the surface layer of the skin. Because it targets specific regions of the face, as well as a precise depth, it causes contracting and tightening where you want it without harming the outermost layer of skin. It is a painless, effective treatment that is often compared to a relaxing massage.

Learn more about Pellevé® treatments available to Knoxville-area patients. Call The Breazeale Clinic at 865-342-0300 or contact us online.

What can Pellevé® treat?

Collagen is a protein found throughout the body. It has many functions, including acting as a sort of support structure for the skin. The older we get, the more our collagen breaks down, providing less and less of that support structure. This loss leads to many skin issues, including the formation of wrinkles, from fine lines to deep grooves.

Pellevé® is ideal for addressing skin that sags and droops or is marred by wrinkles, folds, and lines. The FDA-approved procedure can be used all over the face, including under the chin, beneath the nose and around the mouth, on the forehead (including between the eyebrows), and above and around the eyes.

It can also be used to tighten skin on the body.


Dr. E. Edward Breazeale, Jr., MD

Dr. Ed Breazeale, Jr., an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, works to give his patients the looks they want in a safe and professional environment. He is a trusted source for quality plastic surgery using state-of-the-art technology.

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More about Pellevé®

The Breazeale Clinic's licensed aesthetician can assess your skin-tightening needs and develop a plan that includes a set number of treatments. While your skin will appear tighter and firmer immediately following your first Pellevé® session, it may take up to three visits to get the best results.

This radiofrequency treatment is a popular one because the process itself can be relaxing. Not only does a treatment require no anesthetic for the patient, some people have described it as similar to getting a warm massage. Another benefit is that, unlike surgery, it requires no subsequent downtime or recuperation.

A study into the effectiveness of Pellevé® revealed that nine out of 10 patients enjoyed a significant response to their treatment, and the benefits continued for half a year for almost all of those patients.

Pellevé® Featured on The Doctors

Learn About PelleFirm®

Ready to massage away the appearance of cellulite and smooth skin texture? With PelleFirm®, you finally can. PelleFirm® is essentially Pellevé® for the body. According to Ellman (the maker of PelleFirm®), the PelleFirm® System is CE Marked for body skin tightening and cellulite reduction. In addition, it also has received FDA 510(K) clearance for tissue heating and the temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

PelleFirm® is non-invasive and feels like a warm massage. Call us today and ask about how PelleFirm® can help you tighten and firm your figure.

The Breazeale Clinic has two full time, licensed aestheticians available to serve you.
The Breazeale Clinic has two licensed aestheticians in-office five days a week to serve you!

Learn even more about PelleFirm® by visiting the official website.

Dr. Ed Breazeale offers Pellevé® at his Knoxville practice. Call today to set up a complimentary consultation at 865-342-0300.
Dr.E. Edward Breazeale Jr., M.D. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon 2068 Lakeside Centre Way Knoxville TN 37922 865-342-0300
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